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Tiger Fighting on October 4th Atletico coach Simeone attended the post-match press conference with Villarreal.


It's bitter, because today our investment, our attitude, our pressing in the opponent's half are very good, and facing opponents like Villarreal, very good at handling the ball, and has an excellent rhythm of the game. Whether it is the first half or the second half, our initiative is still there, and it is very uncomfortable to force the opponent to play.


But when we switched from defensive to offensive, our offensive fluency had problems. Although we were able to push the opponent, we lacked such offensive inspiration in the frontcourt and lacked some fluency in facing the opponent’s blockade, which is why we can’t Win the victory.


I think our attitude and enthusiasm have always been there. There is no doubt about this, but we may have some problems in the last link of the offense, some difficulties, maybe the pass is not very accurate, and it may cause you trouble. , Especially in the face of opponents like Huesca and Villarreal, their defense is very strict.

我认为我们的态度和热情一直存在。毫无疑问,但我们在进攻的最后环节可能会遇到一些问题,有些困难,也许传球不是很准确,这可能会给您带来麻烦。 ,尤其是面对韦斯卡和比利亚雷亚尔这样的对手时,他们的防守非常严格。

As Atletico, we are very good defensively, so we know more about how it feels to face such a defense, so we need to find a suitable alternative so that we can solve the battle in a new situation.


Because we needed to make adjustments at the time and needed to be replaced by a new force, Herrera has very good passing skills, especially in the frontcourt which directly participates in the attack. At that time, we had already suppressed the opponent in halftime. As I said, what we lacked was the last pass. Of course we knew it was not easy.


There is no doubt that we cannot always compare and compare. Today we are still very active in the opponent's half. Last season, as you said, there were a lot of games that were struggling.


Of course I will be a little worried,


First of all, I only discuss my current players, so I will not answer this question. Of course, today we are more concerned about why we did not break through the opponent's defense in the face of such a defensive opponent. This is what I care most about.


This is difficult to explain because we worked very hard and everyone was very positive. We did not create a good opportunity in the end. But I still see the positive side. I appreciate the attitude of our players. The results of the last two games are not ideal, but I am satisfied with their attitude, their fighting spirit, and their idea of ​​wanting to win. When they want to win, then we have to be patient, because as long as the players want to win, then this idea can be transformed into actual action.


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