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Tiger Fight, September 26th. Former Manchester City defender Richards recently published an article in the "Daily Mail" column. In the article, he said that he does not want Sancho to join Manchester United now because it might Hinder the development of Sancho. Richards also said that compared with before, Manchester United does not seem to have a clear plan for signings at present. Manchester United just wants to introduce the famous top players, rather than looking for players suitable for the team.


Richards mentioned: "The transfer rumors between Sancho and Manchester United have never stopped. It seems that Manchester United still wants to sign Sancho before the transfer window closes, but I really don't want Manchester United to complete the transaction. "


"If Sancho joins Manchester United, then this will be the football headline this summer, and it will also set the record for the highest transfer fee this summer."


"If Manchester United completes this pressure, then everyone involved in this deal will take on a huge amount of pressure, especially Sancho, who is only 20 years old now and he is still far away from his peak."


"Don't get me wrong, I think Sancho is a very good player."


"When Sancho was only 15 years old, I learned about him from Lescott. I thought he was very talented. He was one of the best young players I have ever seen. I have been following him. Sancho, he will become even better in the future."


"But players need to play in an environment that suits them. Sancho is the same. My concern is that if Sancho joins Manchester United now, it will hinder his development."


"I think Manchester United is now seeking to introduce the famous top stars, rather than signing in as the club originally planned."


"Is Manchester United signing for the satisfaction of the fans? I think this is the point that confuses me the most. They don't seem to have introduced players suitable for the team."


"For example, they brought in Van der Beck before, and I don't think that is a positive signing."


"Manchester United used to be able to sign the best and most suitable players. They have been able to complete reasonable signings every season in the past. That is their advantage. But when Manchester City signed Tevez in 2009, Manchester United's The signing policy has also been affected."


"I will never forget the situation when Tevez first joined Manchester City. We saw Tevez's performance on the training ground, and then we were thinking:'Why did Manchester United let Tevez out of such an outstanding player? '"


"Tevez has performed very well in the first few seasons after joining Manchester City. He is a world-class player. After he joined, many top players will consider Manchester City when they transfer."


"Everyone knows that Carlos is a stab player. He once refused to participate in the Champions League final and then ran back to Argentina. But I want to say that without Carlos, Manchester City would not be able to win the 2012 Premier League. Championship trophy."


"I think Tevez joining Manchester City from Manchester United really has an impact on many things, and as far as the situation is now, if Manchester City throws an olive branch to some top players, I think most players will accept the invitation. But Manchester United now This is not the case."


"You may talk about Van Persie, because both Manchester City and Manchester United wanted to sign Van Persie, and Manchester United finally completed the transaction, but in recent years, how many of the players Manchester United has introduced that they really want to introduce? You too I know, that's not much. Sanchez is a good example. The facts have proved that Sanchez is not suitable for Manchester United."


"So I don't want Sancho to join Manchester United now. If Sancho is exposed to the flash like Pogba after joining Manchester United, I think Sancho will also hate that feeling."


"Sancho made a very brave decision. He left Manchester City to join Dortmund because he wanted more opportunities to play."


"Sancho makes progress every year. He only scored one goal in his first season with Dortmund. In the second season, his number of goals rose to seventeen and he also sent out ten. Six assists."


"Sancho is still in the learning stage. If he is in an environment that suits him, he can also make greater progress."


"If Sancho joins Manchester United, then Manchester United will have to put one of Greenwood, Rashford and Martial on the bench, because Manchester United will not let a player worth 100 million pounds on the bench."


"Old Trafford used to be the most attractive place for top stars, but now the situation has changed, so I don't want Sancho to join Manchester United. I hope he stays in Dortmund. Sancho does not need to be the latest in Manchester United's betting. A chess piece."


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